OT professor seeks grad students for animal-assisted therapy study

Stella with students

Assistant Professor (Clinical) of Occupational Therapy Christine Johnson is seeking full-time graduate and professional students to participate in her latest study, "The Effect of Animal-Assisted Intervention (AAI) on Graduate Students’ Perceptions of Well-being: Insights from Occupational Therapy." Scheduling of sessions is flexible. 

Participants will have the opportunity to interact with therapy dog Stella.

Eligibility for all participants:

  • Student enrolled in full-time course load as a graduate student 

Study description: The investigator will be studying the effects of animal-assisted intervention (AAI) on graduate college students. All study details and the opportunity to have any study-related questions answered will be provided during the consent process.

Long-term study goals: To better understand the effect of multi-session AAI on graduate students’ well-being.

Time commitment:

  • Two 45 minute data collection periods
  • Six 35-minute intervention sessions
  • Total time: 5 hours over a six-week period

Location: Classroom in Wayne State University Department of Health Care Sciences, 259 Mack Ave, Detroit, MI 48201

Compensation: All participants will receive a $30 amazon gift card for participation in the study.

Scheduling: Create a group of 3 – 5 graduate students and contact Christine Johnson at 586-946-0349 or email az5998@wayne.edu as a group.

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