Nominations open for Prism Prize recognizing service learning impact

Wyn Schuman

Upon retiring from the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Assistant Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs Wyn Schumann generously created the Prism Prize for Innovation in Teaching to recognize EACPHS faculty members who exemplify the principles of service learning and its impact. Nominations are open until Oct. 10 for the 2019 prize.

Service learning combines experiential learning in the community with reflection activities to fully realize its significance and impact. A peer-reviewed article Schumann co-authored in 2004 showed that service learning experiences increase students’ empathy, professional commitment and sense of social responsibility.

“Health care students seldom have time to review their relationships with each patient because they are concentrating on the complex treatment that patient needs,” Schumann said. “Service learning encourages students to focus on the patient as person, while providing community service within their realm of expertise.”

Incorporating service learning into coursework – or orchestrating it as a supplement to the curriculum – takes extra time and creativity. Schumann created the $1,500 Prism Prize to recognize the dedication of faculty who are doing this, to encourage others to consider using it in their courses, and to introduce the concept to still more.

Through Schumann’s support, WSU Applebaum has been able to recognize the following current and former faculty members for their excellence in service learning: Geri Smith, Susan Talley, Stephanie Gilkey, Martha Schiller and Regina Parnell.

“When I reflected on my career, I found that service learning had a very meaningful impact on my students. The Prism Prize is a way for me to support current faculty members who make it a priority,” Schumann said.

Full- and part-time faculty members of the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences who actively engage students in the service learning principles of preparation, community service, reflection and evaluation through a course or learning experience are eligible to be considered for the Prism Prize.

The winner will receive $1,500 to purchase education-related materials/equipment, provide speakers for academic preparation or professional development related to service learning principles, or travel to present the innovative work responsible for their nomination and subsequent award.

The nomination form may be completed by a student, faculty member, staff member or alumnus. Nominations will be accepted through Oct. 10, and one winner will be chosen by the award committee.

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