In the media: Marijuana legalization panel outlines research, supporting and opposing arguments

Below is an excerpt from the article "Social Justice Or Commercialization? Expert Views On Michigan's Recreational Marijuana Proposal" by Hannah Genig, Benzinga staff writer.

Marijuana Panel at Wayne State
Barton Morris, center, delivers his closing statement in support of marijuana legalization at the Oct. 23 panel. Kevin Sabet, left, opposes the ballot initiative. Randall Commissaris, right, organized the event with Christine Rabinak.

Michigan voters will decide whether to make the state the next to legalize recreational marijuana by approving or disapproving Proposal 1 on the Nov. 6 ballot.

In the view of pro-marijuana lawyer Barton Morris, who spoke at a panel discussion at the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences on Oct. 23, a "yes" vote on Prop 1 will eliminate Michigan's black market for weed and represents an act of social justice, while Kevin Sabet, a former drug policy advisor to President Barack Obama, said the ballot proposal will enrich a small number of people in the state by commercializing the drug.

At the event, EACPHS Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice Christine Rabinak detailed the history of marijuana in the U.S. and the effects and characteristics of different strains.

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Randall Commissaris has studied the effects of marijuana on driving ability. He told the audience Tuesday that a "yes" vote on Prop 1 will make Michigan either the ninth or tenth state to legalize recreational pot.

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