HD Insights: Nora Fritz interviewed about Huntington's disease research

Nora FritzWSU Applebaum Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy Nora Fritz was interviewed in volume 21 of HD Insights, a semiannual publication that highlights the latest research on Huntington's disease.

Fritz was featured as a Schoulson Scholar Award, which recognizes outstanding junior investigators for promising research in Huntington's disease.

In the article, she described her current work: "In addition to many other projects, I am currently leading an international team of rehabilitation researchers in the development of a formal Clinical Guideline for Exercise in Huntington’s Disease. We have received support from the Huntington Study Group, the European Huntington’s Disease Network, and The Griffin Foundation for this effort. To date, we have completed a systematic review of the literature, drafted the clinical guidelines, met with stakeholders for review and revisions, and put the guidelines forward for public comment. Presently, the guidelines are being reviewed by the American Academy of Neurology and the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy for possible endorsement. We anticipate submission of these Clinical Guidelines for Exercise in Huntington’s Disease in the coming months. These guidelines will provide evidence-based recommendations for healthcare providers and persons with HD."

HD Insights provides readers with information about the most recent scientific findings and clinical trials that are underway, and introduces them to the individuals and companies who are working diligently to pursue therapies and even a cure for HD.

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