Donors & Scholars events recognize generosity, achievement

The 2019 Donors and Scholars luncheons celebrated the achievements of student scholarship recipients in the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, as well as recognized generous donors who made those scholarships possible. A full list of recipients is below.

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Interim Dean Catherine Lysack opened the scholarship awards presentations preceding the luncheons.

“To our students, you constantly impress me. You do more than excel academically, you are leaders, advocates and a thousand percent committed to your profession. I can’t wait to see not only what the future has in store for you, but how you will shape the world around you with your passion and drive,” Lysack said. “And to our generous donors, we are humbled by your support and so proud to call you our friends. Thank you for your sacrifice and generous investment in these students – and, ultimately, in the future of health care.”

On Wednesday, May 15, health sciences students and donors were honored. Third-year Doctor of Physical Therapy student Kristen Robertson, who was also the recipient of three scholarships, delivered words of appreciation before the awards presentation.

“I am so very honored and grateful for this experience, and I thank you for acknowledging me,” said Robertson, who is pursuing physical therapy as a second career after retiring as a professional dancer. “My message to my colleagues is to get involved and stay involved. Find a mentor and become a mentor. Volunteer and be a part of your profession. I have enthusiastically volunteered within the PT department throughout grad school, and I will continue to promote WSU and the PT program after graduation. Thank you to the physical therapy faculty for their endless support, encouragement and genuine friendship.”

Pharmacy students and donors were honored on Thursday, May 16. Fourth-year PharmD student Renee Bookal, winner of two scholarships, spoke about her experience in the doctoral program and how philanthropic efforts have already inspired her to make her own contribution to supporting the dreams of others.

“I love that I attend a college that encourages us to be engaged in our community,” said Bookal. “One of the experiences I have gained, which will forever shape me as an individual and a future pharmacist, was developing our college’s first Student Pharmacists Diversity Council and the Student Pharmacists Inclusion Network. Working alongside my peers to create an organization dedicated to promoting inclusion in health care while closing the gaps in health care disparities has truly been one of my greatest achievements thus far.”

Watch Bookal’s speech

Zachary Mueller, also a fourth-year Doctor of Pharmacy student and scholarship recipient, spoke about his professional growth through the support of peers and mentors.

Mueller addressed the donors, “You may have never even met some of us, but are still willing to not only commit your time, but your money. If that is not inspiring, I do not know what is. Someone is so committed to what you can become that they are helping to fund your education. It is a reminder to all of us in this room, that on our journeys we haven’t and couldn’t have done it alone.”

Mueller also called upon his fellow scholarship recipients to give back.

“When we get to the top of the mountain, and we see the amazing view that all of our family, friends, and mentors told us it would be, don’t forget to turn around and become a mentor and help the people who were in your shoes when you needed the help.”

Watch Mueller’s speech

2019 Scholarship winners

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EACPHS Board of Visitors Endowed Scholarship

  • Winner: Kristen Robertson (DPT)
  • Runners up: Fatima Ajrouche (CLS), Tanner Hecht (PAS), Rianna Husband (Mortuary Science)

EACPHS Dean’s Endowed Recruitment Scholarship

  • Fatima Abbas (MOT), Joanne Guan (CLS), Ahlam Mussed (CLS), Shapla Rahman (CLS)

EACPHS Diversity Advisory Board Endowed Scholarship

  • Brianna Gallon (DPT)

Karen L. and Peter D. Frade Annual Scholarship in Health Care Sciences

  • Rachel Smith (DPT)

Clinical Laboratory Science

Katherine M. Beattie CLS Endowed Scholarship

  • Sophietou Faye, Youssra Nehmeh

Clinical Laboratory Science Scholarship

  • Fatima Ajrouche

Christine Ford Annual Scholarship in Clinical Laboratory Sciences

  • Anna Gorski

Dr. Alexander Wallace III and M. Ann Wallace Endowed Scholarship

  • Tamanna Fahima, Joanne Guan, Nicole Kavalar, Eric Mattingly, Renad Mohamad, Ahlam Mussed, Can Peng, Shapla Rahman, Emma Warner, Hajer Zindini

WSU Medical Technology Alumni Association Scholarship

  • Can Peng

Mortuary Science

Michigan Funeral Directors Association Endowed Scholarship

  • David Andrzejewski

Michigan Select Funeral Directors Association Annual Scholarship

  • Lillian Hicks (2019), Michelle Leismer (2019), Kenya Norris (2018)

Nelson-MacLellan Endowed Scholarship in Mortuary Science

  • Mallory Stefanski

Dr. Dennis and Gerrie Paulson Annual Scholarship

  • Phillip Vallelunga

Gordon Wilson Rose Mortuary Science Scholarship

  • Mallory Stefanski

Occupational Therapy

Barbara Jewett Scholarship in Occupational Therapy

  • Melony Arabbo, Rishi Bamba, Maximillian Castoreno, Clifford Lyons Jr., Alyssa Ouellette

Barbara Henderson Miller Scholarship in Occupational Therapy

  • Fatima Abbas, Hassan Abdallah, Bethany Clark, Jolan Drouillard, Arkan Faid, Janel Kishmish, Alyssa Kline, Beverly Krall, Andrea Thornsberry

Kaye J. Schlomer Endowed Scholarship for Occupational Therapy

  • Tahsin Asjad, Alexis Campbell, Kati Klocke, Anna Lewis, Sarah Miller, Taylor Naumann, Fabiha Nishat, Karly Schrader, Karen Sidge, Jessica Solis, Faith Taylor, Cassandra Viselli

Dr. Martha E. Schnebly Endowed Scholarship

  • Sara Asmar, Sakina Rahman, Marta Strzykala

David & Dr. Bonnie Thornton Endowed Scholarship in Occupational Therapy

  • Olympia Sanchez

Arline Ethel Trabman Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Occupational Therapy

  • Haley Bennett, Emily Burling, Maricella Gutierrez, Zeinab Jalloul, Haley Klein, Zahin Nilu, Amber Severin, Haylee Zyber

Pathologists’ Assistant

Karen L. and Peter D. Frade Endowed Scholarship

  • Samantha Etters

Dr. Harvey S. Wilks Endowed Scholarship for Pathologists’ Assistants

  • Hannah Mulcahy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Founders Endowment Scholarship

  • Ann Brahier, Emily Denn, Collin Elkins, Michael Fowler, Kenneth Harlan, Andrew Johnson, Roberto Merucci, Kimberly Morck, Sean Murray, Jennika Myers, Abigail Myles, Kristen Robertson, Rachel Smith, Kelsey Van Amberg

Kaye J. Schlomer Endowed Scholarship for Physical Therapy

  • Hanna Alzoubi, Marina Bacus, Kimberly Bell, Amy Blicharski, Haley Boccomino, Kristin Carl, Lyndsey Crosbie, Emily Denn, Stephanie Fudalla, Alexa Gazda, Bria Kamden Kwakam, Kimberly Morck, Jaclynn Moretti, Karly Munroe, Kristen Robertson, Andrew Selby, Karen Sharkey, Abigail Skallerud, Mario Suarez, Leah Vruggink

Physician Assistant Studies

Lara M. Rutan, MS, PA-C Memorial Scholarship

  • Montana (Moore) Boris, Tanner Hecht, Aimee Sassak, Vita Stramaglia
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Hanley N. and Young Hee Abramson Endowed Scholarship

  • Wasem Altwil, Renee Bookal

Academic Leadership Endowed Scholarship

  • Mary Whitney

Eugene Applebaum Honors and Leadership Awards

  • David Gutenschwager, Judson Knott, Norah Krayem, Lauren Lim, Tara Orzechowski

Arab American Pharmacists Association Scholarship

  • Ahmad Abbas, Sahar Ajrouche, Nesreen Altairy, Amina Ammar, Kassem Ayoub, Sonia Baydoun, Dena Berri, Nedeen Berry, Heba Chahrour, Mohamad Chahrour, Meral Ebrahem, Miryan Elias, Lena Farhat, Rola Hariri, Supreet Kaur, Mehvish Khan, Hassan Khatib, Kristin Khoshaba, Ramy Mana, Marian Matalka, Mohammed Mohammed, Hassan Nasser, Hanan Saleh, Noor Shammout, Zied Shammout, Moaad Shariff, Anisa Wooten, Hikmat Yassine

Sidney Barthwell Endowed Pharmacy Scholarship

  • Adesola Falaki, Nkeiruka Iwu, Mohammed Mohammed

CVS Health Foundation Annual Scholarship

  • Rana Aoun, Katherine Dada, Lindsay Darghali, Hanan Saleh

Paul C. and Nettie Deutch Endowed Scholarship

  • Ryan Caputo, Paul Dobry, Ashley Semma, My Tran, Leah Vader, Adalah Yahia

Rachael M. Duffy Memorial Endowed Scholarship

  • Shelby Koppinger

Melvin F.W. Dunker Endowed Scholarship in Pharmacy

  • Michelle Balint

EACPHS Board of Visitors Endowed Scholarship

  • Mary Whitney

EACPHS Dean’s Endowed Recruitment Scholarship

  • My Tran, Adalah Yahia

Harry and Belle Elkiss Annual Scholarship in Pharmacy

  • Regina Pacitto, Pia-Allison Roa

Faculty of Pharmacy Endowed Scholarship

  • Nour Baalbaki, Banibrata Das, Brian Feldpausch, Wasym Mando

George C. Fuller Endowed Pharmacy Scholarship

  • Qian Zhang

John Helfman Pharmacy Merit Scholarship

  • Michelle Balint, Lena Farhat, Hannah Ferrari, Supreet Kaur, Lauren Mansour, Tara Orzechowski

Nazih Jawad Life Rx Endowed Scholarship

  • Griffin Calme, Banibrata Das, Noor Shammout

Joseph S. Katz Memorial Endowed Pharmacy Scholarship

  • Alex Petrovici

Kmart Pharmacy Endowed Scholarship

  • Monica Jonna

Meijer Endowed Pharmacy Scholarship

  • Katherine Chuong

Dr. Paul Munzenberger Endowed Scholarship in Pharmacy

  • Kristin Khoshaba

Pharmacy Alumni Association Annual Scholarship

  • Bianca Aprilliano

Pharmacy Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship

  • Bianca Aprilliano

Pharmacy Program Scholarships

  • Bianca Aprilliano, Annelise Jongekrijg, Regina Pacitto

Robert Rembisz Memorial Scholarship
Zack Mueller

Joseph and Linda Ringer Endowed Scholarship

  • Annelise Jongekrijg

Rite Aid Corporation Endowed Scholarship

  • Benjamin Pierson

Nate S. Shapero Endowed Scholarship in Pharmacy

  • Heba Chahrour, Stephanie Gryebet, Shivan Patel, Hannah Scharboneau, Sharon Yousif-Dickow

Geralynn and Alan Smith Scholarship in Pharmacy

  • Mehvish Khan

Frank O. Taylor Pharmacy Scholarship

  • Kawthar Alali, Huong Rachael Nguyen, Priya Wadgaonkar

Walgreens Diversity & Inclusion Excellence Award

  • Renee Bookal

Walgreens Multilingual Scholarship Award

  • Juan Galvan-Cruz

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