Click 2 Houston: Randall Commissaris on highway hypnosis

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Randall Commissaris, alongside WSU Applebaum students Alyssa Ouellette and Olympia Sanchez, were featured in an article and video about highway hypnosis on the Click 2 Houston website. The video first appeared on WDIV-TV Channel 4 in Detroit in early January. 

Highway hypnosis is described as the feeling when you drive from one place to another and have no recollection of it. "You get to the point where you realize, I don't remember anything that's happened for a while," Commissaris said.

Highway hypnosis is different than drowsy driving and distracted driving, when there are other factors in play. In highway hypnosis, Commissaris said, "all my facilities are actually engaged in my driving at that time, it's just that I don't remember any of it."

The reason? While we are mentally present in the moment of driving, the information is simply deemed too irrelevant to commit to long-term memory. who have experienced highway hypnosis, were also interviewed. 

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