Wayne State University


Organizational Chart

  • Dean
    Deepak K. Bhalla, Ph.D.
    313-577-3980; deepak.bhalla@wayne.edu
  • Assistant to the Dean
    Daisy Wright
    313-577-5409; af1325@wayne.edu
  • Associate Dean for Health Sciences
    Peter D. Frade, Ph.D.
    313-577-1574; pfrade@wayne.edu
  • Associate Dean for Pharmacy
    Richard L. Lucarotti, Pharm.D.
    313-577-8741; RLL@wayne.edu
  • Assistant Dean, Office of Student Affairs
  • Mary K. Clark, Ph.D., L.P.C.
    313-577-1220; ax9721@wayne.edu
  • Chair, Department of Fundamental and Applied Sciences
    Peter D. Frade, Ph.D.
    313-577-7874; pfrade@wayne.edu
    • Program Office for Clinical Laboratory Science
      and Mortuary Science: 313-577-2050
  • Chair, Department of Health Care Sciences
    Sara Maher, PT, DScT, OMPT
    313-577-1432; sara.maher@wayne.edu
    • Program Office for Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Radiologic Technology, and Radiation Therapy Technology: 313-577-1436
    • Program Office for Nurse Anesthesia, Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences, and Physician Assistant Studies: 313-577-1369
  • Chair, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    George B. Corcoran, Ph.D., ATS
    313-577-1737; corcoran@wayne.edu
    • Department Office: 313-577-1047
  • Interim Chair, Department of Pharmacy Practice
    Lynette Moser, Pharm.D.,
    313-577-0115; lynette.moser@wayne.edu
    • Department Office: 313-577-0826
  • Senior Director, Business Affairs 
    Kathleen J. Blumberg
    313-577-1578; kblumberg@wayne.edu
  • Director, Philanthropy and Alumni Affairs
    Denise Thomas
    313-577-1095; ew8458@wayne.edu
  • Director, Administrative Affairs
    Daisy Wright
    313-577-5409; af1325@wayne.edu
  • Associate Director, Marketing and Communications
    Erica Colaianne
    313-577-1496; erica.colaianne@wayne.edu
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